The Society for Army Historical Research University Research Grants

Marc Hansen
Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

The Society for Army Historical Research provides University Research Grants [URG] to encourage and support research on the British Army or of the Land Forces of the British Empire and the Commonwealth by undergraduate and graduate students. One grant of up to £1000 and two grants of up to £500 are awarded each year. Applications are welcomed world-wide from any student who is currently studying at a University or similar institution.

URGs are only granted for research that relates to the British Army or of the Land Forces of the British Empire and the Commonwealth. This includes any aspect of the Army and its activities, including reserve or auxiliary units, (Militia, Yeomanry, Fencibles, Volunteers or Home Guard) or the land forces of the Crown, or the offices and institutions which supported them. This also includes armies of the countries of the British Empire or Commonwealth including forces maintained by non-Crown bodies within the Empire, such as the Honourable East India Company, or forces allied to and forming an integral part of the land forces operating on behalf of the Crown (North America Indians, for example).

The process of award is continuous, however, the cut off points for acceptance and consideration of the URGs are:

Major Grant (£1000) – Closing date 31 August. The successful applicant will be informed and the grant made available in September of the same year.

Minor Grants (£500) – Closing date 31 May. The successful applicants will be informed and the grant made available in June of the same year.

Completing the Application Applications are to be made electronically to and receipt will be acknowledged.

Applications are to be made in the format at Annex A which may be downloaded from

For an Application to be considered the applicant must provide:

a.   An attached scanned copy of his/her current student ID.

b.   Contact details of an Academic Referee who has knowledge of the area of research and who, if approached, will be able to support the reason for the application for a grant.

All matters and queries relating to URGs should be addressed to the URG Sub Committee via . No other contact on the subject of URGs will be entertained by Council Members or Officers of the Society.

Applicants will be notified of rejected and/or unsuccessful applications. An unsuccessful application may be re-submitted in the year following. The award of a URG does not disbar a new application in the year following the award.

The amount of money and timing of the awards may be varied by the Society’s Council at its discretion.

Membership of the Society will not be a matter of an advantage over applicants who are not Members. Successful Applicants who are not Members will be given 3 years free membership as Students.

It is expected that within those three years the Society might publish in its Journal a contribution arising from the research that has been supported.



Dr Ismini Pells

Society for Army Historical Research